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Nat 4/5 Thursday 3.30-4.30

Higher Thursday 3.30-4.30

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The Faculty of Design and Technology occupies two areas in Grange Academy, one on the ground floor consisting of four good sized workshops and three fully equipped Graphic Design studios. The other area is on the first floor and includes 2 classrooms with full cooking facilities and 2 general-purpose rooms used for health and well being and textile work. The faculty is well resourced and the workshop areas host a laser cutter, CNC router, CNC plasma cutter and 3D printer as well as tools and machinery for wood and metal working.  The Graphic Design studios host 60 pc's with 3D modelling and desktop publishing capabilities.  This allows the staff to provide a broad range of experiences for pupils at Grange Academy.

Design & Manufacture

Supported Study

Nat 4/5 Monday 3.30-4.30

Higher Wednesday 3.30-4.30

Grange Academy and Keppie Architects  

Working Partnership 

S3 Pupils from Grange Academy were recently involved in an exciting partnership with Architects from Keppie Design.  They worked in teams to create a Design Proposal for a Hotel for in Malaysia.  

Eight Pupils were selected to present their designs to a panel of judges at the Head Office in Glasgow in May 2014.  

The project in one example of how the Technology Department in Grange academy are fostering strong links with local companies and was a rewarding experience for those involved.  One pupil said:

 "I really liked the Keppie project because it was really enjoyable and we got a great experience of how Architects work.  Also we had a great day up at Keppie with all the teams.  I would really like to do this again and I think it was a great experience on how difficult but how fun it was to be a ' real Architect'."  

The staff and pupils at Grange Academy would like to Thank Keppie Design for this experience and look forward to running the competition again in 2015!